Callas sings Bellini and Puccini

Update: As I suspected when I first posted this video, it was removed from YouTube. Dommage !

With thanks to Aprile Millo, who shared this link on Facebook, here are previously unknown-to-me snippets of Callas singing “Casta diva” from Norma and “Sì, mi chiamano Mimì” from La bohème.

The second clip is from 1959 or later, but I do not know the precise occasion on which these were filmed. I will continue my investigation, and reader comments are most welcome!


  1. Anonymous23.3.10

    Tantalizing! Thank you for alerting us via Twitter...

  2. Casta Diva : Chelsea Empire Theatre, London, Sept. 23 1958.
    La Bohème : Wood green Theater, London, Oct. 3 1959, dir Malcolm Sargent.
    (This guy is a nut ; he keeps putting and removing it...)
    Robin (France)

  3. Cher Robin, merci de votre mot. Oui, je sais, ce monsieur (? cette dame ?) a l'air pas bien, et il y a un autre qui lui fait la guerre... Pauvre Maria !