Callas went away

Enigma is an electronic musical collective born of mysteries and dreams.

Michael Cretu, the project’s founder, said that Enigma’s sound came to him while he was sleeping on a train. Early on, Cretu and his colleagues worked anonymously, but their use of audio samples led to high-profile copyright lawsuits.

Wikipedia indicates that “unsolved crimes“ and “philosophical themes such as life after death” inspired the group’s name and sound.

“Callas went away” is a cut from Enigma’s first CD, MCMXC a.D. (released in 1990). It samples phrases from Callas’s 1963 recording of Charlotte’s dark, foreboding Air des lettres from Massenet’s Werther: “I re-read them again and again. I should destroy them. Those letters, those letters!”
Callas went away,
but her voice forever stay.
Callas went away.
She went away.
(G-d bless you.)
Ah ! Je les relis sans cesse.
Je devrais les détruire
Ces lettres, ces lettres !

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