Callas and D&G

Dolce&Gabbana are stockists to those who mistake flash for elegance and vulgarity for style, to provincials not of place but of soul. (Luca Turin notes of their swill, Light Blue: “If you hate fragrance, you’re probably on your fourth bottle.”)

Their fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection included Maria Callas t-shirts and other frippery for which, they claimed, she was somehow to blame. (Their show took place in Milano’s Cinema Metropol, where Callas recorded Norma for EMI in 1954.)

WWMD? Petition for redress of grievances, no doubt!

JRD, ever acute, wrote of Dolce&Gabbana:
These men have always struck me as the Kevin Costner and Anna Netrebko of the fashion world. Their talent as a team is neither here nor there.
Indeed, they did their best work undressing the Azzurri. (And, yeah, thanks for nothing with those uniforms for Euro 2008.)

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