Callas: Fragile theatrical trailer

Copied and pasted from YouTube: “A monologue with voice off written and directed by Stefano Masi. Francesca Caratozzolo plays the role of Maria Callas and the voice of Jackie O.” (Strange, no, that Jackie, famously silent for decades, should be a vocal presence in this work?)

The YouTube description concludes enigmatically:
Finally they can meet each other in real. But does that theatre a real one? What’s behind the curtain?
What indeed?

The clip seems to be promoting a theatrical monologue about Callas, Marilyn Monroe, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The portentious text contains one possible error: Wayne Koestenbaum and others report that Callas and Jackie did meet, for a handshake and pleasantries, following one of Callas’s 1965 Tosca performances at the Met.

Stefano Masi apparently has created films or videos commissioned by La Scala about Luchino Visconti (available on YouTube).

Does anyone have further information about Fragile? Is it a film, a play, or both?

Once again, I invite you to read Catherine Clément on Callas and Monroe.


  1. An artistic project joining Callas and Jackie always reminds me of Daugherty's opera, Jackie O (1997).

    Do you know it? In this work, the role of Callas is sung by a mezzosoprano.

  2. Dear José Luiz, Yes, I have heard (on disc) that opera... though years ago, before my interest in Callas really exploded. Thank you for the reminder to investigate it again!

    Have you seen it staged?

  3. No, I haven't - at the time of its première, I unfortunately wasn't interested in opera yet... I also only know it through CD.

    Maybe sometime they'll repeat it in a theater? I haven't read any comments about the première, telling how successful (or not) the opera was in its first days.

  4. The Wikipedia entry on the opera indicates a respectable number of stagings, though none in my area (NY) and, I think, none in yours. Maybe someday there will be a DVD?